We have extensive experience in developing and administering a variety of questionnaires and online tools to support you in identifying areas for ongoing organisational improvement. Our Consultants have a wealth of experience in developing questionnaires, conducting interviews and collecting secondary data. The information collected through these means supports our Consultants to identify the specific needs of the individuals, teams and the whole of the organisation and to work with the team to develop several strategies to support ongoing development.

We offer several web based services that can be completed in the workplace at the convenience of your employees, resulting in high percentage response rates and in turn high quality information.


Each online tool is developed in close consultation with the manager to ensure that this meets the specific needs of the organisation. Our Consultants will:

  • Work in consultation with the manager to develop a tailored questionnaire
  • Create the web-based survey for distribution to the survey respondents
  • Provide progress reports to the manager on response rates
  • Make follow up calls to relevant team members to encourage the completion of the survey
  • Provide a detailed report of the findings resulting from the questionnaire to the management team (including preliminary recommendations)
  • Work with the management team to develop an action plan based on the key themes and findings from the survey
  • Develop a short report for the wider organisational team including the agreed actions from the management team


  • Organisational Climate Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • 360 Degree Feedback Surveys
  • Team Effectiveness Surveys
  • Health Check Surveys
  • Safety Culture Surveys
  • Team Effectiveness Surveys