Workplace coaching is a widely recognised and highly effective method by which to increase people’s performance and potential within an organisation. Our qualified Consultants have a proven track record in designing and delivering coaching services to people at various levels within an organisation.

The focus of our coaching services varies considerably depending on the needs of the client. Some of the areas where our Consultants have assisted people include:

  • Development of leadership and management skills
  • Changing a particular behavioural characteristic
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Personal development
  • Dealing with a stressful workplace environment
  • Gaining a greater work life balance
  • Increasing the level of objectivity and strategic thinking
  • Increasing the level of self awareness and therefore personal effectiveness
  • Developing new skills to excel in new roles


  • Initial brief and needs assessment with the coachee’s manager
  • Consultation with the coachee to identify the specific coaching goals and outcomes
  • Development of a tailored development plan to support the coachee to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Identification of tools, training or diagnostics to support the development of the understanding of self
  • Development of resources and tools to support the coachee’s learning and development