To overcome the challenges of business today, leaders must create a climate that encourages teams to successfully achieve and exceed the desired organisational goals. A leader’s knowledge, skills and attitude directly affect employees’ behaviours and competencies. Leadership capability therefore has a direct impact in terms of the organisation’s ability to meet and exceed the organisation’s goals.

CI Consulting NZ understands the important role that leaders play in an organisation. It is vital that leaders continually grow and develop as the organisation moves forward. Our Consultants support the development of leaders by utilising proven and researched methods to design developmental strategies based on each individual leader’s needs.


All our programs are tailored to meet our client’s requirements as we do not believe that there is a sufficient level of proven success when it comes to generic training programs. Our Consultants will develop the process and programs in consultation and continually review the effectiveness of the program with you, to ensure that the program is having a positive impact on your business.