Teams will often encounter opportunities and challenges where additional support is required to enable the team to identify and achieve the desired outcomes. Our Consultants can support teams in having effective conversations through:

  • Keeping the discussions relevant
  • Keeping to the set timeframes for the meeting or workshop
  • Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to input
  • Creating a fun process to support working in a group environment
  • Maintaining a focus on the outcome during group discussion

Our experienced Consultants have a high level of expertise in facilitation and an in-depth understanding of group dynamics which allows us to support you in the achievement of your goals.


Our facilitation services are tailored to the specific needs of each client which are identified in close consultation with our experienced Consultants. In general, a facilitation process would include the following elements:

  • Conducting a needs assessment regarding the opportunity and/or challenge in consultation with the manager
  • Identify the desired outcomes for the workshop or meeting with the manager
  • Develop a tailored program that will support the achievement of these outcomes and meet the needs of the team
  • Integrate team building or team development processes into the program where required
  • Develop program resources for participants
  • Coordinate the program on the day and ensure the achievement of the desired outcomes
  • Remain flexible throughout the program to meet the changing needs of the team
  • Prepare an outputs document outlining the key outcomes from the program
  • Review the outcomes of the program in consultation with the manager


Our Consultants can facilitate a program for whatever your needs may be. Some specific examples of the types of programs that can be facilitated include:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Issue resolution and solution development
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Innovation
  • Roles and responsibilities clarification
  • Value management
  • Project start-up
  • Project close out
  • Lessons learned
  • Management team development