Cultural change has been reported to be one of the top leadership challenges for organisations. Organisational culture has been defined as:

“A pattern of basic assumptions, values, norms and artefacts shared by people within an organisation.”

Making fundamental changes to an organisation’s culture requires dedicated time and effort on behalf of the leadership team as ‘culture’ is often deeply rooted in the collective history of the organisation and is often below the surface of the awareness of the members of the organisation. For this reason, engaging one of our Consultants to support the team in the process of cultural change can be beneficial. As ‘outsiders’ to the organisation our Consultants will be able to support the team to understand that the current reality is something that they have created and to see meaning in behaviours and attitudes that may otherwise be taken for granted.


Our Consultants will work closely with the Leadership Team to:

  • Identify the desired culture of the organisation
  • Review the current or develop the desired values of the organisation in terms of how congruent these are with the desired culture
  • Understand where organisational behaviours may be inconsistent with the espoused organisational values
  • Develop a strategy for realising the desired culture including the development of systems and processes, team communication strategies and culture symbols and rituals
  • Review the ongoing development and progress of the desired culture in consultation with the leadership team